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  1. I was just fooling around and wanted to know what happens when using an index greater than 3 for dialog control items...and it look sas if <4> gives you a colorselect button as in the attribute window, opening the vw color palette...unfourtunatly after selecting a color vw crashes...does anybody have any experience with these undocumented control items??
  2. vw crashes when i want to import a worksheet from a text file using the Importcommand from the menu. so to be on the safe side i wrote my own importer with vs but i still get a runtime error and crash...the error is not in the code as using the same imortfile vw crashes at different stages (sometimes reads 18 lines, then 46 and very rarely he even manages to import without crashing) is there a fix to this???
  3. Thanks for the reply...actually i'm learning so much new at the time being, that i'll work with the system color palette for now. but as soon as i find the time i'll start trying to figure out using resource files..i'll let you know if i get it to work
  4. is it possible (if how?) to get the vw color palette as a selection in an userinterface insted of the system color??(i am creating classes with vs and want the user to select the fillcolor and pen color)
  5. how do i create a color button???? in the vs function reference there is the possibility to SetColorButton an GetColorButton, but i see no way to create a color button!!! a system color palette seems to be something different!?
  6. thanks for the hint, i am just trying the dialogbuilder, hope it will do the trick...
  7. hi, i just started working with vs and encountered the same problem, the manual sucks on that part..now i also want to look at an example of a working callback subroutine..did you figure it out??? would be glad to hear about it! thanks


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