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  1. The VW help file seems to suggest that circular FILE reference of any kind isn't recommended. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you. 'Circular references are not allowed; for example, if file A references file B, and file B references file C, then file C cannot reference file A. The exception is if one of the references uses Fundamentals (layer import) referencing.' http://download2.nemetschek.net/www_misc/2010/Vectorworks%202010%20Help/Data/15_DesignSeries/18_DrawView/Creating_a_Referenced_Design_Layer_Viewport.htm VW Architect 2011 Mac OSX 10.8.2
  2. Is there a way to change the keyboard shortcut or turn off the keyboard shortcut (Esc) that navigates back to viewport? The problem for us is that we use the 'escape' key to escape out of group editing, symbol editing and cancelling tools. So we find ourselves navigating back to viewport accidentally. Thanks John
  3. Choice of input method Choice of click-click, click-drag or hybrid drawing, which combines click-click and click-drag as input method. Hilite Selection Color Selected items to be highlighted in colour. Live color confimation of snap http://www.engsw.com/PC6/P1/P1.html The Dynamic Snap Indicator is bright red, too, so you will never miss what is going on. Snap Lock Use single letter key to force various snaps. Can work in combination with Shift [axis/angle lock]. Live Selection confirmation http://www.engsw.com/PC6/P5/P5.html All tools that use finger technology now have live selection, which means that the objects light up as you drag a line across them so you can see exactly what you are getting. This includes the Trim, Line Break, Hatchet, Needle, Style tools, Finger, Delete, Count and Tornado tools. And the Count tool now shows a current count as you drag the mouse. Tab to confirm data input Allow all data input to be confirmed on Tab. ie Allow x dimension and y dimension to be inputed 'in line' during a rectangle creation. Simulate Thin Line http://www.engsw.com/PC6/P2/P2.html There's a new Simulate Thin Lines option, so that when you zoom way out, thin lines become gray, and it makes a big difference on how the drawing looks when you are zoomed out. Use Scroll Wheel for Zoom and Pan From AutoCAD Scroll for zooming. Zooms using location of cursor as centre. Click-Drag of Scroll Wheel 'boomerangs' pan. Works within tool operation. Two key shortcuts From Microstation Allow shortcuts to be initiated by pressing one key after another in short period rather than pressing two-three key together combinations. This makes it easy to reach all keys available for shorcuts. Workgroup reference live update Live updating of reference layers. Edit workgroup reference layer Allow editing of workgroup reference layer if it is not open by others. Rotate reference files Ability to rotate reference layers without needing layer link. Move Points Tool http://www.seqair.com/WildTools/Transformation/TransPts.html The Move Points tool allows you to move all vertices of objects within a selected area to a new location. This may include one end of a line, or both ends. Or it may include a few vertices in a polygon or the entire polygon. You can control whether the tool operates on all objects or only selected objects. Points can be selected in a variety of ways. Offset Line Tool http://www.seqair.com/WildTools/ParaOffsets/ParOffsets.html The Offset Line tool allows you to create a line that is a parallel offset from a line or side of a rectangle or polygon, even if in a group in a single mouse stroke. Offset Repeat Tool http://www.seqair.com/WildTools/ParaOffsets/ParOffsets.html The Offset Repeat tool allows you to create a number of offset lines or guidelines from a line or side of a rectangle or polygon in the drawing. The offset distance is fixed, and the number of offset lines is determined by the distance that you drag with the mouse.In the tool's dialog, you set the offset distance, then to use the tool, you click on a line or side of a rectangle or polygon in the drawing, and move the mouse away. Linear Repeat Tool http://www.seqair.com/WildTools/Transformation/LinTrans.html The Linear Repeat tool allows you to create a number of linear duplications of selected objects by drawing a line with the mouse or by clicking on an existing line. The Linear Repeat tool is useful for duplicating objects where the direction of the duplication is known but the number of duplications is not. Repeated patterns of lines or rectangles for studs, windows, hatching, or parking lot spaces are very easy. Also see Linear Duplicate Tool Linear Distribute Tool


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