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  1. You might try Julian Carr's VectorWorks Essentials. One of the included scripts converts all layers to a single scale for DXF export. Dan Jansenson
  2. I use an HP DJ220 with the Macplot drivers, delivers excellent results with no complaints whatever. I just wish I had a roll feeder, as the plotter is sometimes rather cranky about accepting sheets... Dan J.
  3. You might also benefit from joining the Vectorworks Listserve mailing list, which is mentioned on NNA's support web page: http://www.nemetschek.net/support/mailinglists.html Over 600 participants, lots of friendly advice and help. Dan Jansenson
  4. Sorry, I forgot to add (since you had already tried this) that it sometimes requires placing a maximum-strength light behind the lens in order to observe the translucency effect. Note that in certain cases the slider in the OI palette belonging to the light will only slide to 100%, but you can physically type in more than that, for increased light strength (such as 500% for example). Dan J.
  5. You might want to try creating a lens with any of the glass textures (such as Plain Glass), then moving the transparency slider over to the right much of the way, not unlike your own suggestion. Doing this with glass makes the glass texture actually less transparent and more translucent, creating a "glow" effect when a light fixture is place inside. HTH Dan Jansenson
  6. Note, also, that if you often render similarly sized-and illuminated-scenes, you can greatly benefit by making the lights into light symbols. This way, once you have an initial scene set up the way you like it, you can retain each light's settings by converting it into a symbol and using it in subsequent projects. Under the right circumstances this technique can save you a great deal of set-up time, since you would already have a sense of the strength, reach and spread of any particular light.
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