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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, however switching to Macintosh is not an option for me at this time. I'm still wondering if there are specific problems that have been encountered with SP2 and VW. It seems like a reasonable enough request that VW support personnel test and publicize their findings when a major operationg system is upgraded. If such information is available I have yet to find it. Thanks, Will Niccolls
  2. Has anyone from VW done any testing with SP2? Will Niccolls
  3. Anyone from VW done any testing? Will Niccolls
  4. I'm wondering if anyone has installed Service Pack 2 and had any problems with Vectorworks. Will Niccolls [ 08-16-2004, 01:31 PM: Message edited by: Will Niccolls ]
  5. Thanks for the replies. I'll experiment with the suggestions and see what works best. The font download included an ARCHB.TTF file for the bold version. This doesn't appear in the fonts text list, so I guess its only used when you use bold formatting. This helps somewhat but not much. Katie, the fonts in dimensions do change when I select them and use the font menu. The font is freely distributable, I'll be happy to email the TTF files to anyone who wants them. It was designed by Hank Gillette and inspired by Adobe's "Tekton" font. leatherwon@yahoo.com
  6. Win98SE, VW 10.5.1 Landmark Is there a way to universally change all text to a particular font within a file? I installed a freeware font called Architect--as you might expect, it resembles a precise hand lettered drafting style font. Problem is that within VW, it is very difficult to read--the lettering is simply too fine. So my idea is that I could create the plan with Arial or other easy to read font, then when I'm ready to print, change it all to the Architect font. Will Niccolls
  7. I'm using one of the provided drawing border symbols for a template. It has several text fields that I edit as needed. Today I created a new plan from the template, and when I edit and move to antoher text field, the font changes from the original. Is there a way to specify the font for the text fields of this symbol? Will Niccolls Win98 SE VW Landmark 10.5.1
  8. Anyone? Is there more info I can provide? Thanks, Will Niccolls
  9. Does anyone have problems with the tile command? I have a symbol that represents irregular flagstones for patios, and in my particular 1/4": 1' scale drawing, I have a simple polyline, really a rectangle with a square chunk missing, and when I tile the stone symbol, it repeats the pattern, but the repetitions are separated by 10 feet or more, not adjacent as one would expect. Further, they aren't confined by the boundaries of the polyline that was selected when initiating the tile operation. Win 98SE Vectorworks Landmark 10.5.1 Will Niccolls [ 03-26-2004, 02:40 PM: Message edited by: Will Niccolls ]
  10. raylibby is right about "msconfig". Its wise to uncheck unneeded services and programs to keep them from starting. In XP, also go to Control Panel|Administrative|Services and see if there are services starting that you don't need. Messenger is one that almost nobody should be running. Among others. In Jim's case, it sounds like there is something very specific that's causing a crash, because he can recreate it at specific points, right? Especially on saves? What if there is a problem with his disk caching or reading or writing to RAM? Is there a debuggable version of VW that he could download and install to capture the error trace? What video card and driver? (Control Panel | System| Hardware| Device Manager | Display Adapter). Will Niccolls [ 02-16-2004, 05:53 PM: Message edited by: Will Niccolls ]
  11. I'm running 10.5.1 on a much slower machine than yours with satisfactory performance, so obviously your processing power and memory are adaquete. Are other processes running in the background? Any scheduling services for other programs, for example? The only time I've had a VW crash (in my admittadly short experience) I believe was because I had some sort of data exploit that was found by Spybot and had been consuming signicant memory and CPU cycles. MAybe run Spybot or Ad Aware to check for malicious hidden ad programs. Aside from something like that, I think the most common cause of graphic intensive program crashes I've come across are due to video card and associated driver bugs or bad RAM modules. What video card do you use? Did you add RAM to this machine? Is it possible to swap RAM with another machine to test it? I'm new to VW but not crashing machines so I hope some of these suggestion get you pointed toward a solution. Will Niccolls
  12. Excellent posts. Thank you all. Will Niccolls
  13. I've discovered that the short side will remain tangent to the circle or arc if it is parallel to the X (horizontal) axis. That's mildly annoying as the replication can happen only to once side or the other and it is most convenient to begin at the start of an arc--not in the middle. So I create the arc in the orientation I need, then rotate it so that the start is tanget to the horizontal axis, duplicate the rectangle, then rotate the whole selection of rectangles and arc back to the original orientation. I guess once I've created these things I'll be able to save them as symbols. Anyone have a better idea? Will Niccolls
  14. VW, Landmark 10.5.1 I'm working in a 1/4":1' scale. I create a circle or arc of say 8' diameter, then create a rectangle of 4"x6", with the 4" side tangent to the circle, and lying on the interior of the circle. Now I'd like to use the "duplicate along path" command to copy the rectangle around the interior of the circle. I can only manage to duplicate the rectangle with its centerline along the circle, furthermore, the rectangles 6" side is tangent to the circle, not the 4" side. Is there something in the combine tool preferences menu that I'm missing here? Does anyone have a "how-to" that describes this? Thank you, Will Niccolls
  15. VW, Landmark 10.5.1 Can someone point me to a how-to or tutorial on filling areas with repeating patterns? I design a lot of patios, so far I've been drafting them with a combination of arcs, rectangles, lines, and often they adjoin the exterior wall of a house which I draw using the wall tool. I have some symbols for flagstone but I'm not sure how to get them to tile correctly, or if I merely apply them over the shape, how to trim the area outside the patio. Hatches of course only fill the shape they are applied to, so I need to combine shapes to create one contiguous surface. And probably more difficult: The edge of the patio will often need a soldier course of brick or stone set tangent to the edge, up to which the main field pattern will then abut. Ideas? I'm pretty new and doing a lot of searching of the forum, but I appreciate any tips. will Niccolls
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