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  1. What types of applications do you have running in your systems tray? volume, graphics, mouse, McAfee virus scan AsAP, LAN status monitor, that's it! How much RAM do you have? 256 meg Are you printing when you close VW or is a drawing in the process of rendering? NO! Do you have Norton or another anti-virus software running? McAfee virus scan AsAP
  2. Here is one of the error txt files I was able to capture when I forced the app to crash by opening 6 VW files and modifing them and then closing them and not saving changes Error file name: C:\DOCUME~1\JCD34~1.MIC\LOCALS~1\Temp\WER2C.tmp.dir00\appcompat.txt Contents of file: Website won't allow me to send the pasted test.
  3. Size = 3 meg to 25 meg Saving to local hd only not file server I have been able to to make it crash by opening a file and not saving upon exit. Other files are open when I do this. My VW work flow is that I create new drawings from other VW & Autocad drawings. I work mostly form designer's drawings and create construction drawings. I frequently open (and close) other documents for reference and sone times cut/copy & paste. Thanks JMS
  4. >>What are you doing when it freezes? Answer: The only events that have repeatedly caused the crash are file save or file close. The app will crash in the middle of basic drawing tasks. >>How long odo you wait until you quit the application when it freezes? Answer: I have waited as long as 10 minutes (go get coffee). >>There are some operations that will take time and you may not notice anything happening on the screen - some solids operations and renderings. Answer: There is nothing going on in the background like rendering or 3d solid/shape modification. >>It's important to keep track of what you are doing when you get the c++ run time error as that is a tell tale sign of what might be going wrong. Answer: Having years of database debugging experience I understand the importance of error tracking. If I could tell you what events occur before each crash I would (see the first item re file save) >>Are you usually running alot of applications or burning CDs while you get these problems? Aanswer: I have resorted to only having one app (VW - since my primary function here is drafting) running at a time. If I check Email I save VW, close app, check mail and reopen VW. There is nothing as remotely demanding as CD burning going on since windows is still not a truely multi-tasking environment. Thanks JMS
  5. Today is the first time I've seen the Runtime error. Has happened only twice, so I can't isolate an action related to the crash. Usually, there is no message at all, the app just freezes. Thanks for your attention! JMS
  6. Yes, just updatet Chipset video driver fron Intel. Still crashes. Once this morning It presented a microsoft visual C++ runtime error @ VW root dir. vector~.exe
  7. I'm running VW 10 with downloaded upgrades to to v10.5 on a IBM think centre pc 2.6GHz w/256 MB ram & XP pro OS. The problem is this: the VW program crashes. The screen freezes, mouse pointer becomes hourglass and only returns to pointer over the program title bar. When the title bar application icon is clicked, "not responding" is displayed in parentheses next to the VW title. This has been going on for a while (2 months). I cannot identify a pattern or event that that causes the crash. I cannot cause the program to crash. I've worked with autosave on & off, no difference. I've uninstalled & reloaded VW twice. Help?! JMS I think I've tried everytjing


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