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  1. 2009 is the version I'm using and yes, it appears locked but I can't (don't know how) unlock it. Also, when I go into the tools>vectorscripts>edit plugins, I get referred back to the info palette. Mac 10.5. I also can't add plugins (they're gray) to the file.

  2. I am working on a file given to me with a plug in object (drapery). I can't seem to edit it (changing the texture/color). Everything in the object info palette is grayed out and not able to be changed. I change the texture but the rendered result doesn't change. Any suggestions? Thanks

  3. When I display the camera view and render it, I get the plan and elevations showing up in the rendering. I never had this happen before. I just upgraded to 2009 Architect and Renderworks. Is there something I need to do now to eliminate these items from the rendering? I am on the Mac osx 10.5


  4. I am having trouble with the establishment of pads in my site model. When I update, I'm told that there is a problem with a pad intersecting with a fence or a hull. None of the pads intersect with a fence. What is a hull? Also, how does one alter an existing site model to reflect new contours? Thank you very much!

  5. Yes, I did all of that. Still no dice. Then I did it via the 2d contour method and converted them into polygons to see if I could create a site model that way but the polygons (which of course are open ended) won't convert because I get the warning "More than 1 clip 2D polygon detected". How does one convert contour lines as polygons to a site model????

  6. I'm using the Terrain Site Model tools. Itried the Isometric view and rendering with Open GL but it's still a line drawing. When I select the model, I can choose a texture but it doesn't show up either. Also, when I select the model, the attributes palette goes blank so I can't be sure it's got a solid fill chosen.

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