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  1. ok, I'll try that. Don't know what creating a signature is tho.
  2. 2009 is the version I'm using and yes, it appears locked but I can't (don't know how) unlock it. Also, when I go into the tools>vectorscripts>edit plugins, I get referred back to the info palette. Mac 10.5. I also can't add plugins (they're gray) to the file.
  3. I am working on a file given to me with a plug in object (drapery). I can't seem to edit it (changing the texture/color). Everything in the object info palette is grayed out and not able to be changed. I change the texture but the rendered result doesn't change. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. It says something is missing and to reinstall 2009. I guess I'll try that. thanks everyone.
  5. I am experiencing frustrating crashes with 2008 files that have converted over to 2009 in Windows XP. 2009 works great on my Mac but I've discovered this glitch on Windows. Has anyone else experienced this. I get about five minutes into the file and then it freezes and closes. Thanks!
  7. When I display the camera view and render it, I get the plan and elevations showing up in the rendering. I never had this happen before. I just upgraded to 2009 Architect and Renderworks. Is there something I need to do now to eliminate these items from the rendering? I am on the Mac osx 10.5 Thanks!
  8. No, is that absolutely necessary? Thanks, I'll try it.
  9. I've added pads below the existing contours as these area will be excavated out. They still are covered by the existing grade when I render them. Is there something I'm missing here? Thanks!
  10. I have figured out the problem. I had the "Show Existing" checked. When I updated it, the site model was updated!
  11. Actually, the restart suggestion fixed it. Strange but helpful anyway. Thanks everyone!
  12. I am having trouble with the establishment of pads in my site model. When I update, I'm told that there is a problem with a pad intersecting with a fence or a hull. None of the pads intersect with a fence. What is a hull? Also, how does one alter an existing site model to reflect new contours? Thank you very much!
  13. Yes, all of this checks out and still no dice. By the way, I'm using 2008 with Windows XP
  14. Suddenly, when I try to create a wall using the wall tool, at the end when I double click, the wall disappears. What gives? Thanks!
  15. I can't find the Purge command. Is it the same as smoothing? Re gmm18. None of the polygons are overlapping and I went through the steps you suggested. Version 2008
  16. Tried that but it all goes grey when it says there should be a highlighted contour.
  17. I have all of my 2d polygons waiting to be converted to contours. After filling in all of the appropriate information in the Parameter box, I clicked OK and wait for the first polygon to be highlighted. Nothing is happening. What could the problem be? There are no polylines...only 2d polygons. Thanks
  18. I did finally manage to get it to render using the grid input method but the contour polygon method is still not working.
  19. I did finally manage to get it to render using the grid input method but the contour polygon method is still not working.
  20. Yes, I did all of that. Still no dice. Then I did it via the 2d contour method and converted them into polygons to see if I could create a site model that way but the polygons (which of course are open ended) won't convert because I get the warning "More than 1 clip 2D polygon detected". How does one convert contour lines as polygons to a site model????
  21. No I didn't but when I changed it to that setting, there is a line that shoots off into infinity. I tried finding the endpoint but no luck. Could this be the problem? Can I eliminate those points?
  22. I'm using the Terrain Site Model tools. Itried the Isometric view and rendering with Open GL but it's still a line drawing. When I select the model, I can choose a texture but it doesn't show up either. Also, when I select the model, the attributes palette goes blank so I can't be sure it's got a solid fill chosen.
  23. I have successfully loaded and modeled the site and now want to study shadows and view it as a solid. So far, all I get are the contour lines. I've added light and still nothing. What am I missing? Vectorworks 2008 Windows XP
  24. Ok, I found out what the problem was. There was a tiny object over the site plan that I couldn't see at first but finally found it in the side view and deleted it and then the site model corrected itself. Now the challenge is to show it as a solid.
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