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  1. SORRY,sheet layer vs. design layer (switched from Autocad and happier ;-)). When dragged from the resource browser in the design layer, the symbol is to small (just a dot, unless I really zoom in). It is the switch symbol for a light from the resource browser. The symbol is closer to the correct size when inserted on the sheet layer, not in the viewport.

  2. The objects/symbols in the resource browser are way too small. How do I correct this. I see that in paper space it is at the correct scale but not in model space. I tried editing the symbol by changing the scale but it changes the scale of the entire drawing. Thanks!

    I have Vectorworks Architect 2009 SP4, Mac OSX 10.5

  3. I have a new Macbook Pro, Leopard 10.5 and I tried installing Vectorworks 2009. Everything goes fine until I try to open the program. It tells me that the "factory default preferences in Vectorworks Preferences cannot be found. Please reinstall." I reinstalled from a dvd and get the same message.

    What's up?

  4. In the middle of working on a project today, I noticed that in the design layer, some objects are grey and I cannot modify them. I am in the same layer and class but I cannot figure out why just some of these appear to be this way. When I go into my viewport and try to modify them in the design layer, it's fine. What's up? Why can I modify in the Viewport but not in the Design Layer?

    I am using Vectorworks 2009, Windows XP Media Edition, Toshiba Satellite Laptop

  5. I installed 2009 after receiving a new serial number for Windows after I installed it on my mac. Now the software on windows xp media center 2002 SP3 1.83 ghz keeps crashing after I complete about three commands. I have 1.5gs of Ram. Is the RAM the problem here or is it something else. It seemed to work fine for awhile and it has gotten worse. Thanks!

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