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  1. Thanks Tim. Much appreciated. A few observations: - Update cannot be deployed from root - Doesn't work if VW2021 app have not been opened before. e.g. I can't use a new admin account to deploy update even though another user have been using it for a while. Can these be considered feature requests for future versions? Would documentation be released in future?
  2. Hi all. really appreciate all the response and help. Yes, I've made known to Julian that I will be updating a bunch of machines. So, the script is an essential tool for me. Looking forward to the fix!
  3. Unfortunately it is slightly different. there is this -L option which is not in the 2019 version. here is the list of options: Usage: Vectorworks 2021 Updater [options] [command] Options: -v, --version output the version number -I, --installdir <installation directory> Set the installation directory instead of pulling it automatically -S, --serial <serial> Set the serial number explicitly instead of pulling it automatically -L, --locations <name:path> Set the update locations instead of pulling them automatically. The format should be a comma separated list of location key:path The error I got seems to have originated from not using the -L option. But I don't even know what the -L option is for and how to use it.
  4. Hi Pat. Thanks for the feedback. of course not. I'm just trying to be generic. Apart from that, did you see any other problem with my script? Also, I can't find any kb docs on VW2021 offline update. Is there one available?
  5. here is my offline update script: "/Applications/Vectorworks 2021/Vectorworks 2021 Updater.app/Contents/Resources/cli.sh" -S <mylicenseserial> -I "/Applications/Vectorworks 2021" update -i "/Users/<myusername>/Desktop/generic-OZ-SP2.1-darwin.vwupdate" and i got this message: "The update location 'file:///Users/<myusername>/Library/Application%20Support/Vectorworks/2021/' does not exist. To correct this please run this again with the arguments -L userFolder:<path> with <path> being the correct directory, or contact support" what was wrong with my script? in general, how should the -L ---locations <name:path> option be used? can you give an example?


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