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  1. Does anyone do any type of 3D motion simulation? For example, showing how mechanisms move, like a piston, connecting rod and crankshaft. Is there any way to do this in Vectorworks?
  2. You can place a door, and change the door type to a "cased opening" .
  3. I am upgrading my 25 seat lab to 2008. I have installed and followed all directions for the HASP and license manager. None of the machines will run. They all say that they need a valid serial #. I put in the number and it won't work. I am running 12.5 right now with no issues. I was reading one of the "read me " type of files and it mentioned that if I have a red dongle(I do), I should have a serial # that started with a C. The only number that I have starts with a B. None of the copies of the program will open with the number that I have. Do I contact tech support? Thanks, Roscoe
  4. Katie, I downloaded the file "dongle driver for Macintosh"from the downloads page here, and then tried through aladdin. Neither worked, unless I am doing something wrong! I downloaded 12.5 the upgrade through here because the disks that I have are 12.0. I have reverted back to 12.0 for the time being because I am a teacher and my lab has to be up ! THanks for your help.
  5. I upgraded my student machines to 12.5, and then downloaded and ran the dongle upgrade on my machine. Now Version 12.5 won't run as it comes up with "A Vectorworks dongle could not be found. Make sure that the dongle is connected and that all drivers have been installed. Vectorworks will now quit. I have tried to update the dongle again and it says that it is already updated to the latest version. Thanks, Roscoe
  6. Katie, I downloaded the hasp files and all is working now. Thank you very much. Roscoe
  7. No Katie, I didn't get the problem resolved yesterday. I did not call yet. Is there a fix? Thanks, Roscoe
  8. I am installing VW 11.5 on a G5 running OS 10.4. When I try to run the HASP license manager I get this message. "Hasp license manager cannot find configuration access program." /contents/macos/imguicfg I did not have this problem running VW 11.4 on G4s running OS 10.3 last year. Thanks, Roscoe
  9. I need to know how to set the recent files menu to zero, or not to show any recent files. I teach CAD and this is a problem for those students that like to take shortcuts.
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