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  1. Hi, I'm working more and more with exported models in ifc for our projects, And it's working fairly well the models are sometimes way to big, like 250mb, compared to the whole house file which usually is aroud half of that... But to get to the point, does anyone know of any good guides on workflow and how to set up ifc files and models to work well for export. For example, I'm having a hard time understanding, and finding any good comprehensive guides on what IfcEntitys to use, (almost everything I do is custom objects, for example a hoist hanging in a motorised beam trolley) or our own lifting system. Do I just use Ifcproxy for everything since its custom. Does it matter if I set up every symbol with ifc data or is it better to to just select all and make that a symbol/group and attach ifc over the whole project. Does it affect the file size for example? Why should I use ifc 2x3 instead of 4 etc etc.. It would be really nice if someone knows of any good guides or training examples. Thanks in advance.
  2. @Tom W. Oh, that was easy, I just had the settings set the wrong way for it to work... At the moment I'am experimenting with what works so I'm not sure.. I'm still considering remaking it completely from the ground up myself since the symbol probobly will end up pretty heavy anyway. Thank you for the help!
  3. Hi, I'm currently working on a stepfile that I have imported. Now I'm trying to simplify it to make it a nice looking but manageable symbol. It's a step file with around 4000 objects... my guess from removing some of them manually is that most of them are nurbs. Now the question is, can I select all the nurbs somehow? To remove them all in one go?
  4. I'm having issues with an ifc export. I have used the hoist tool to place some hoists for an upcoming project. Everything looks good in the drawing but when I export the model the hoists comes out hoist down. Should be hoist up. I am using the generic hoist symbols, 1ton hoist up, and 1/2 ton hoist up. They both come out the wrong way. I have tried switching between up and down in the object info pallet, and I have tried switching the symbols but they still come out the wrong way. Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. @zoomer Thank you!! It might take a while to get used to but that is very helpful! Sometimes drawing some geometry might be helpful and i actually did try placing the circle on the edge and move it in place later, it just felt kind of clunky for such a basic thing. The "G" key will definitely help speed things up!
  6. Have been looking through some tutorials but either i've missed it or it hasn't been brought up. Quick made up example, I have drawn a square 100x100mm, now I want a circle 15mm in from the left edge and 23mm in from the top. What is the best way to do that? In fusion 360 as an example I would draw the square, put the circle roughly where I want it and then use driving dimensions to put it exactly where I want. Is there a similar command I can use? One way i've tried is using lines and drawn one line from one edge 15mm in and then used that as a reference to draw a line 23mm in and now I can place the circle where they intersect.. This does not feel like the correct way of doing it, what am I missing?
  7. The title was a bit misleading and maybe it was more of a venting situation yesterday... the forum might not be the place for that, sorry about that! But I'm thankful for the replies! I realize that VW isnt made for the same thing. @jeff prince & @Jeff Bonny Yes that is exactly what I am trying to do, I want to build a library with our own parts, native to the program instead of importing everything. It's just hard to find good tutorials for some of the simpler things, it's like there is a large gap between modeling a simple cube and modeling more advanced objects. But maybe that's just my experience so far. But you are both right, I just have to give it time and try to learn.
  8. I work for a smaller company that installs fixed lifting systems and curtains etc for theatres and arenas. I switched to vectorworks because I wanted to streamline the way I make drawings and because we need to be more and more BIM compatible. We have our own lifting system that I have mostly drawn in Fusion 360. And when needed I would just export them as DWG, all different angles, clean them up and use them in autocad Lt to get a plan view of the upcoming installation. This is why VW attracted me, to have it all in one package. The problem I am having is that modeling in VW i horrible compared to fusion or solidworks, but importing models, stp or iges, isnt working to well either for me, they always end up too detailed or something looks off. Is it that i just need to get used to modeling in VW or does anyone else feel this way? Do you have any good workarounds or tips? Not having driving dimension associated to lines etc is driving me crazy for example.
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