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  1. Here the explanation: This example uses many faces. They aren't parallel but explains well what I would like to do in Vectorworks.
  2. Hi, how is it possible to move two (or more) parallel faces of a solid? regards
  3. enter key adds another polilyne segment, enter key pressed rapidly two times ends the polyline command, double left mouse click ends the polyline. There is no command to escape from the polyline leaving the already inserted vertices.
  4. I'm probably missing a basic feature. How to confirm the last point of a polyline without a double click? I'm a Rhinoceros user, let's say I want to design the shape of a vase using a picture as background. I draw every points and the last one with great precision, after having inserted the last point I want to exit from the polyline command... I can't!!! I have to insert another point with a double click! Within Vectorworks I can't complete the polyline command with escape key or return. The return key add another point, the escape cancel all the points. ....this is crazy....
  5. @axhake I'm watching almost all Vectorworks tutorials during this period of lockdown. I think it's a great program probably designed for architects and not for designers. The parasolid side is not developed to the maximum potential. Probably in the future we will see a Vectorworks Mechanical version. I also used Fusion 360 for two years but it was super buggy. At the moment it doesn't exist a program containing all the features of Vectorworks to generate layouts + the surgical surface design tools of Rhinoceros + the full direct modeling commands of Spaceclaim/Fusion 360.
  6. Hi all, I'm a Rhinoceros user. Unfortunately, the evolution of this program is very slow. I also use Spaceclaim to have a bidirectional import-export with Rhinoceros to perform direct modeling modifications: delete holes, delete fillets, clean the surfaces. Because I want to have a more robust program to create better layouts for my 3d designs I'm learning Vectorworks 2020. At the moment I'm using a demo because I want to understand if I can replicate the same Rhinoceros workflow. I can't find some basic commands. For example most of the useful 3d commands stay in the pull down menus. Is it possible to iconize and have all of them in the palettes? There are too many steps to call these 3d commands from the menus. This is a list of the commands I can't replicate from Rhinoceros to Vectorworks: #01 how to extrude the edge of a solid without duplicate it before? Within Rhinoceros I select an edge and I extrude it. #02 How to extrude along a direction? I see only an extrude command and a push-pull feature but it's always orthogonal to the surface. I want to extrude a shape diagonally or long an edge (it's not an extrude along a path) without duplicate it #03 How to create extrusions without the caps? Imagine a cylinder without top and bottom cap. #04 How to cap a cylinder shape with a patch tangent to the border? #05 How to create a line perpendicular to a curved surface? #06 Multiple extrusion or push-pull deletes the original shapes, how to maintain or extract them? #07 How to change surface orientation color (not the normal vector)? In Rhinoceros I have a setup to see the surfaces back face with another color (red) #08 How to detach a single face from a solid? #09 How to draw a line perpendicular to the construction plane? #10 How to align (orient) a 2d shape (or polygon) perpendicular to a path? #11 How to make a line perpendicular along a direction of an inclined (diagonal) line? The Smart cursor works only if the line is orizonthal or vertical, I can see the green or red guides but for diagonal lines Vectorworks doesn't draw a smart guide. #12 How to draw a spline on a curved surface? (drawing a nurbs curve directly on a sphere or cylinder wall) #13 How to create a 3d spiral along a spiral path? Spirals in Vectorworks have no realtime feedback during the creation. #14 How to interpolate 2 curves with a series of curves? (tween) #15 How to auto close a nurb curve (interpolated closing)? Overlapping the last point to the first one doesn't create a smooth closed nurbs #16 How to blend two 2d nurbs curves? #17 How to offset curves normal to and on a surface? #18 How to flow a curve or a solid along a curve? #19 How to perform a lattice deformation on a 3d solid? #20 How to orient an object on a surface? #21 How to split a solid with a surface leaving both parts? #22 How to select one of two overlapped lines? #23 How to sweep a curve around a free oriented axis? Notes: please change the last polyline point input with an enter command, the double click could add another segment. Regards.
  7. Hi All, I'm a Rhinoceros + Spaceclaim user, I use both for 3d design and cleaning solids. For example in Spaceclaim I import step or x_t files, delete holes and fillets and simplify the geometry. In Rhinoceros I add surfaces to complete the design. I'd like to know if Vectorworks Designer could replace both programs. regards.
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