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  1. Still having the issue today and the level of frustration is getting out of control! Can someone from Vectorworks get back to us with an understanding of the problem instead of sending useless webinar that nobody cares to attend!!!
  2. Oh wow! How random... Thanks for your answer to this. I will make sure i stay under 8 then 🙂
  3. Hi there, I don't understand why some of the spotlights works and others don't. I am putting the same spotlights all over the space and only a few comes on. (They are all ticked on) Anyone else experiencing this? Also do you know if lighting can show in a shaded render? It doesn't seem to be working... Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks, I'm working on VW22 Unified is turned on. I'll see if it happens again.
  5. I have this recurring problem after a while white blocks appear over the design layers. Any ideas what this could be? Many thanks
  6. Vectorworks 2020 Architect, Fundamentals & Renderworks licence for sale Selling for £1,600 (including VAT) but open to offers. I will sort out transfer of ownership doc and take care of any fees. Thanks Bharat
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