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  1. Are we (the PAYING users) ever going to see a plug-in for Twinmotion? It was "promised" in 2019 and there seems to be no work being done to make it happen. Epic Games blames VW, VW blames Epic. This is getting extremely frustrating. The "work-arounds", like using an OBJ file are useless. As a "one-way" file its impossible to fix and/or change things in VW and re-export. It needs to work like Artlanis exports. Anyone else as frustrated as me?
  2. I like Twinmotion, but it is useless to me until VW releases an export plugin. I've been using Artlantis over the years and the ability to re-export from VW is priceless. There is a direct Twinmotion plugin from Archicad and Revit. I have contacted VW and they never got back to me as to when we might have one.
  3. I have downloaded the newest Service Pack and the response was that I did not need any updating.
  4. OS 10.5.4 VW 13.0.1 Nvidia Geforce 7300 GT ATI Radeon X1900 XT 2x3 GHz Quad Core Intel
  5. Has anyone had this issue with a Mac? While applying textures in Renderworks, the program crashes and leaves the screen filled with crazy remnants per the attached file (I hope its there). It extends to the Finder and requires a restart. All is well until running VW for about 10 minutes and it happens again. I have plenty of power & memory... well, the computer does.
  6. The option of assigning Classes to walls would relate to my issue with exporting to Artlantis. Renderworks allows rendering of both sides of a wall with different materials. This does not translate to Artlantis. Allowing class options for wall components would most solve this.


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