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  1. Yes, This fixture is from Vello Lighting in China. It would not let me attach the file but here is the link to the fixture on GDTF https://gdtf-share.com/gdtf.php?page=home&manu=Vello Lighting&fix=LED 330 Spot CMY&rev=9073
  2. @jcogdell I put my question in the GDTF forum, and they are saying that I did everything right. So I believe it is a problem on the Vision's end
  3. I made one of the fixtures in GDTF and imported into Vectorworks. However, when I exported to Vision using a MVR, the fixture’s base, yoke, and head do not show.
  4. Hey everyone, I have a few questions. At my venue, we use Vista 3 and about 50 of LED lights from Vello Lighting in China. However, these types of lights are not in the Vectorworks library. I would like to use Vision to help plan out my shows. Is it possible to use custom fixtures in Vision? If so, what would be the best process to accomplish my goal. Thanks, have a great day!
  5. Also, what would be the easiest way to connect Vista 3 and Vision?
  6. So even if I have the educational version, I would still need to buy a dongle to connect MA and Vision?
  7. When I try to install the ESP Driver, it gives me a error message saying that it cannot open the file grandMA.dll. What is making it do this?
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