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  1. You just need to get the vectorworks vision dongle. Not a dongle from grandMA. They are like 45 bucks from vectorworks. It’s only for the vision software so if you ever switch computers you just need to make sure you bring the dongle with you.
  2. When I spoke to the guys at vectorworks they said you for sure need to use a dongle in order to get around that hasp error. I ended up getting a dongle anyway, but if you aren’t committed to the MAonPC You could use some other artnet virtual console ie. obsidian onyx or magic q etc.
  3. I just ended up using magicQ instead but easier to use for my purposes and has a pretty good visualizer too boot.
  4. Happy to discuss this further if you are still in need of help! I will reach out via email as well. Thanks, Nick
  5. That's what I figured and that's what I looked for but i'm just having trouble finding the problem. Thanks man. I'll keep looking!
  6. Hey guys, I was just wondering if this was a thing that happens only in perspective and cannot be fixed. In ortho view the video preview is crisp and clear and in perspective its jumbled with 90% static. Is there any way to remedy this so I can render a movie in a normal perspective with the video looking like this? Not a huge deal, but if I can fix it i'd like to. Thanks!
  7. I spoke with them. Both guys were helpful. Thanks mate.
  8. This may sound like amateur hour, because it is exactly that. I am entirely self taught with all of this. I have looked everywhere and done all the research I can handle. When using MAonPC do you need to have a dongle? When I go to select the DMX provider, or rather once the file is exported into Vision I get a HASP error. I really wish that when I spoke to the team about all of this prior to purchase they mentioned that without a console you can't really do anything in Vision. I purchased this mostly to put video on the LED screens to display my customers content with the rest of the stage elements, but also wanted to be able to have just a few basic lights to boot. I'm happy to do more reading if someone could just point me in the right direction. Links to things that Jim have posted aren't going to help because i've read them top to bottom and still can't seem to find the answer i'm looking for. Thanks in advance!
  9. Sorry for the delay Scott. I could pay you via paypal or something similar. How would it be preferred? Also, once we go down this road how to do we proceed? I just want to ensure that I am going to be truly the sole owner of the license, so does Vectorworks just issue me a revised key or do they facilitate the transfer start to finish.
  10. Hey Scott. Depending on how the license is transferred. Provided the transfer is facilitated by Vectorworks would you take 2700 USD? I know i'm resurrecting an old post.
  11. I have a pretty stout computer that I use to do my drafting. It seems like no matter what I do if I open more than one relatively simple drawing it immediately crashes. Every crash happens with no error message or anything to let me know why. I keep all software and hardware fully up to date. When I get into more complex technical line drawings my computer also just cannot process them and vectorworks just freezes completely and won't shut off until I reboot. Hope to get this figured out because in the middle of a big tour design I'm a little sick of praying that auto save is doing its job when everything shuts off. If I need a different processor, graphics card, memory, mouse, chair, anything i'll get it. DxDiag.txt


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