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  1. @markdd Not sure if you understood what I'm struggling with here. My issue is that it won't work when I try the above. Instead, Vectorworks clears out the selected fields in Use in 3D, even after I Edit 3d Layout. -Matvey
  2. Label Legend is allowing me to select [Use in 3d], but then doesn't show labels when in "edit 3D layout." When I select "done" in the Label Legend Manager, and then return to "edit fields" in the Manager, all the [Use in 3D] boxes are unchecked. I've tried all different methods of creating a label legend for a front elevation view, but can't seem to get it to work or show. Any ideas? Link to Google Drive here. Cheers, Matvey
  3. @jcogdell @JuanP @klinzey Thanks guys, This really helped, and I'll keep all this in mind moving forward with future projects.
  4. Having an issue exporting a MVR file for vision. The project is semi large, at least with the architecture. I tried having only necessary layers open, but it gets to about 75%-85% and then doesn't respond. Anyone know what I could try differently? I'm using a student version of 2020 on my Razor Blade i7 and have 16g ram, so I would think that processing would not be an issue, but I could be wrong. VW File here


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