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  1. MMB

    Door symbol

    Thanks so much. You are awesome. Have a great day/night wherever your are!
  2. MMB

    Door symbol

    Oh No. I just purchased Fundamentals and worked on it at my previous job. I could always modify the door. This is horrible. Do I have to build my own symbol? Thanks so much for your help.
  3. I can't modify door size in Object Info. How can I get this work? Thanks.
  4. hello Ramona. I have never used this format before, but came across it when purchasing my new version of VW. I am open to new projects and have been designing/drafting on VW on kitchen and bathroom projects since 2004, here in the SF Bay Area. I know cabinet details, rec'd my BS from UC Davis Design program in 2000 and work to every 1/16" of an inch. Let me know if you still need assistance. Look forward to hearing from you. M
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