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  1. I realise this is an old thread, but I had the same problem, and this was the only thing I could find on the subject when googling. I’m posting a solution here in case it’s of help to anyone else. I am using VW 2017, but may work for other versions. After 5 years using VW without issue, it suddenly started reverting to wacky pallet positions every time on loading. “Save pallet positions” did not help. I tried deleting the Architect.vww workspace file, but when VW saved the desired workspace, creating a new file, it had the same problem and reverted to crazy on reload. The solution that worked was to create a new workspace in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2017\Workspaces I simply made a copy of “Architect.vww” in the Workspaces folder, then renamed it. In Vectorworks, go to Tools > Workspaces, and select your new workspace, (Restart VW if it is not in the list.) Then arrange your pallets and save your pallet positions. The message should tell you it’s saved under the new workspace file you created. This was the only solution that worked for me. Must be some sort of corruption with the way it writes the default Architect.vww file?
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