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  1. Hi There, i am looking for the same thing. Are there any news ? regads Julian
  2. Hi There, i am new in ConnectCAD2020. Is there any sample file or is it possible to get a sample that includes: - some plugs XLR (on the stage) - a 16 port patchpanel 19" XLR in a 19" rack (in a tecroom) - a kinde of audio multicore e.g. 16IN / 8Return (Harting to XLR) (- a audio desk) - What is a symbol für an "open" xlr socket, wich is not uses at the moment (plugbox in stagefloor) - How do you use a CAT Patchpanel eg. 24 Port where only 16 Ports are usesd or connected by copper. 8 Ports free - no keystone for late use. Sorry for my english. king regards jules
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