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  1. Thank you I'm aware of those settings. But they don't change a thing. The order is still messed up 😞
  2. I didn't know that you could do such a thing, thanks. However, it didn't solve my problem. Classes can't be arranged in such a way right? I even changed object order but it still does nothing..
  3. Hi guys So apparently my object order got messed up when I inserted a new planar polygon on top of my building to put some green roof texture in. I inserted it below the solarpanels of course, yet in the sheet layer the polygon is drawn on top of them (it has 60% opacity). How do I change this / why does this happen? * to be specific: I would very much like the order to be like it is when viewed from the top...
  4. Yes, the corresponding layers and classes are set to be visible in both, 3d view AND viewport. I think i will just extract a surface from the pavement and put it on top... I'm kinda disillusioned with elegant solutions anyway..
  5. 1. it's a way/pavement... idk what the correct translation in english is but it's that in german. 2. layer and classes of the object are set to visible
  6. Ok "top view" works in the 3d view. But when I set the sheet layer viewport to "top view" it still doesn't show. Compare the screenshot on the left (3D view) to the one on the right (Sheet layer view). Why?
  7. Thanks! But what if I want to show the texture in my sheet layer?
  8. *still relevant What is also very curious is the pavement surface which only shows texture in 3d view put not in top/plan view. How can I make it show texture in top/plan view also?
  9. Still relevant. Does anybody know the solution to one of these?
  10. Hi guys I want to change the appearance of my slabs, but I can't make it work somehow. This is what I have tried: 1. Set rendering options to "shells". 2. Then chose "object class" for each wall shell. 3. Define the class in the class settings and change shell/object material to the one i wish. But it just doesn't work, the slab stays white (see picture). What am I missing?
  11. Thanks a lot guys! I considered the options. I will probably just draw a line from the left- to the rightmost solarpanel, then drag the midpoint of this line together with the panels and align it with the midpoint of the walls. It bothers me however that a object axis are not a part of vectorworks. I used it a lot in SketchUp.
  12. Hi guys Three questions to landscape modeling: 1) can I add textures to the landscape model? 2) how can i add new height lines to the existing model? if I just create an additional 3D-Polygon it doesn't integrate it into the model. 3) How do i make cut sections through landscape models visible? It's just a scribble of lines as of now.
  13. Thanks, but then the other bounding boxes in the scene won't fit again. Everything is at a different angle unfortunately.
  14. Hi guys I have an area of solar panels on my roof, that i want to align with the walls of the building. I grouped them together and now I want to align them to the left and right walls. However, to do so the border box around my group must first be oriented in the correct way. As you can see, it is off angled by a margin. Can I somehow define a local coordinate system so that the box fits neatly around the panels, maybe by rotating the local axis a bit?
  15. @Katarina OllikainenThanks a lot that did work! 😄


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