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  1. @Wes Gardner Thank you. This is what I also though but according to local distributor, maybe yes but not necessarily. This matter came up because Vectorworks seems to allow admin to give any name for a user. If I (for example) write down "John" without "Doe" for a real name, the user name given by Vectorworks will be "john". Then again, if I write "john" for a user name, Vectorworks seems to leave the window for users real name empty. I don´t get the logic for this and I just would like to be sure before sharing the file.
  2. Here´s another question. If I as an admin like to share a project file to my colleagues, the file is obviously asking a persons name and user name. Now, are the names, the real name or user name, related to anything within Vectorworks or in the users OS (other then identifying different users for a particular file)? Hope this is not a stupid question but just like to fully understand how this works.
  3. @Wes Gardner Thank you, this is useful. However, I would like to understand if its possible to store and run true served-based project files on Vectorworks Cloud Service instead of nominated server (which we in this case don´t have). Sharing "normal" wvx-files is easy and simple yes, but in this case I mean true server-based project files.
  4. Hey all. Anyone tested and used served-based project file (vwxp) with Vectorworks Cloud Service over the internet? Simple sharing is easy but true server-based project is what I´m curious about. Thank you!
  5. Has any one picked this up yet? I would like to add few ideas on this if someone is interested of creating such a tool.
  6. Thanks, I will check that out. Hints for non publicly available 3D objects also more then welcome.
  7. Anyone has 3D symbols of large size tents for event planning?
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