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  1. @Piotr Karczewski After reading through this forum and doing research myself for my own new computer purchase- I would go with option 2- It looks like it has a slightly better video card than option 1 and has slightly larger hard drive storage. The 32gb ram is a good choice for future upgrades and if you're going to be using vectorworks heavily. The 15" is not too big for a portable unit (17" PCs always look like monsters to me). Of course I haven't looked up each computer individually- they might have good reviews for each on how the general computer runs (positives and negatives) and sometimes its overall function will be my final deciding factor (ie how the trackpad works, keyboard style, type of ports, etc) As for me, I haven't upgraded to a good, working computer in a while and miss some of the other software you can only get on a Mac so my current choice is: MacBook Pro 16" w/ 2.6Ghz 9th gen-i7 processor 32gb ram AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 4GB of GDDR6 memory 512GB SSD storage Its a little more powerful than what I need at the moment but it will allow me to get back into higher rendering options, video and audio editing, etc. But of course- if anyone has any recommendations regarding these specs let me know as well! I haven't purchased it, but will in the next week.


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