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  1. @Claes Lundstrom thank you Claes. So, to export the object created in VW to .OBJ, with at least the transparences and textures, how do you set the "shaders" window? thank you!
  2. Hi everyone, is it possible to export transparency and reflectivity to an .obj file? Thanks to all and good evening
  3. @Mike Lamb Hi Mike! I realized that closing and reopening the .vwx file these annoying meshes are eliminated and my site model has the right characteristics. Is it possible that it's a bug in the program?😢 what can I do to avoid closing and reopening the file every time I want to edit the surface of the site model? Thanks a lot
  4. Hi everyone, I am new and I am using vectorworks version 2019. I have a problem with the site tool model. After changing the surface of my site model with "edit existing site model surface", in my site model the meshes continue to be seen without the texture. Also, I can't even delete them, canceling the operation with "undo". The meshes remain on my drawing and I can't even select them. If I move my site model, the meshes remain in the same previous point. How can I resolve the situation? can you help me? I am desperate, I have made many attempts, but those meshes remain. Thanks a lot to everyone
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