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  1. @Mike Lamb Hi Mike! I realized that closing and reopening the .vwx file these annoying meshes are eliminated and my site model has the right characteristics. Is it possible that it's a bug in the program?ūüėĘ what can I do to avoid closing and reopening the file every time I want to edit the surface of the site model? Thanks a lot
  2. @Mike Lamb yes of course! Thank you! edit problem.vwx
  3. Hi everyone, I am new and I am using vectorworks version 2019. I have a problem with the site tool model. This is an example of a site model I am building: After changing the surface of my site model with "edit existing site model surface", in my site model the meshes continue to be seen without the texture. Also, I can't even delete them, canceling the operation with "undo". The meshes remain on my drawing and I can't even select them. If I move my site model, the meshes remain in the same previous point. I attach the screenshots where you can clearly see the problem. After I move the site: How can I resolve the situation? can you help me? I am desperate, I have made many attempts, but those meshes remain. Thanks a lot to everyone


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