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  1. Thanks for clarifying, maybe I need to look at the SDK. Not sure I really see the point in the function if all it does is launch the dialogue, that makes the process slower than dragging a dxf onto the page.
  2. I am trying create a script that automates the importing of a variety of files created by a QGIS script (DXF, SHP and some images). As I am new to scripting in VW (and not very good in general) I am trying to get started by importing a single DXF file. I have tried using vs.ImportSingleDXFDWG(pathtomyfile) but that just launches the import dialogue. The APi reference doesn't provide many clues as to the arguments etc for the function or how it works so I don't really know where to start without going to square one and start learning python properly. I am using a mac so I think there might be issues the the path format
  3. That works for specific vertices, so I guess I need to loop through them all some how.
  4. I would like to perform some polyline smoothing in a marionette, is there a node that will work? Ideally radius smoothing


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