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  1. Well I tried AutoCAD and it sucks! I have found some things I really like in VW, so I will focus on that and look to the future. Many thanks!
  2. Hi Grant, So sorry for not replying sooner, I had to go an pick up a brief and got distracted. Thank you so much for all of this info. So my requirement is pretty much the same as yours, I need to produce draughtwork for set builders' instructions as well as 3D models to aid visualisation. Obviously I am not so familiar or slick with VW yet, but getting better. Agreed VW 2D drawing is not as intuitive as AI. Neither do the VW 3D capabilities come anywhere near Cinema 4D ... On both counts I am rather upset 😞 For C4D I have produced fairly accurate draughts by using the Sketch and toon module, C4D allows slicing as well, so it's really good in that respect. You can alter the thickness of the lines too which is an advantage. But VW is king with its Autohybrids which I have been experimenting with - honestly it is a bit clonky and slow, even on my superduper PC. But I really like that it can slice above and below and display dotted/dashed lines etc. Also dimensioning which you simply cannot do in C4D - whilst AI you can use the Hotdoor plug in. Importing C4D files into VW is possible but I think - as you rightly say - it's causing some issues. You can also import AI files in VW, but it seems that native VW drawn geometry is best. I admit I have been doing a fair bit of cursing and there are a number of things that seem really convoluted, however I expect that a number of these are just because I am a newbie. I hope that soon I will be singing its praises as a true convert - I'm going to need to incorporate it into my workflow if I am to stand any chance of working in the industry. Very best Phil
  3. This sounds promising Grant ... I will investigate this. I'm just doing lots of experimenting here - working out where I can use my existing skills and where I just have to abandon them. Currently I'm not too chuffed with VW drawing capabilities, I much prefer illustrator (whilst not as precise, but there are means). So I am experimenting with exporting AI files as DXF and using these inside VW. I note you also use C4D, which is my go-to 3D application - do you use C4D in conjunction with VW? If so how? Many thanks Phil
  4. Thanks Evan, you've saved me a lot of research time and given me a defined direction. Truly grateful! Very best Phil
  5. Thank you Lord A, that makes perfect sense of course, time and money is king 🙏 Thank you Evan, I did wonder whether something like that might be best. A great snippet of info there. I'm still getting my head around VW - I'm assuming there's no way to tie the 2D ground plan to the 3D model ... meaning revs to the floorplan don't automatically update the 3D model...?
  6. A question for those of you who work in set design for film and TV. I am a C4D artist moving into film and TV and I need to learn Vectorworks. Can you tell me if the majority of draughts in VW are only required in 2D or are you required to model full 3D models for each set? Thank you


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