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  1. Hi Zindy, I no longer have my VW Fundamentals 2010. I do have a Full Copy of Vectorworks 2008 if this is of any use? Dan
  2. That's ok. I too didn't have a CD Rom drive so I just transferred into onto a USB stick which I still have.
  3. Hi, I have a copy of Vectorworks 2010 (Fundamentals) for sale. Disc version so transferable.
  4. Hi, I have a copy of Vectorworks 2010 (Fundamentals) if you are interested? email is: dan.labella@hotmail.co.uk
  5. Hi, I have a copy of Vectorworks 2010 (Fundamentals) that I am selling if you are interested?
  6. Hi John, I bought a second hand copy of vectorworks 2010 from this forum. It works on Windows 10. Cheers Dan
  7. I'm after a copy of Vectorworks that will run on Windows 10. Have been running 2008 on Windows 7 but doesn't seem to be compatible with Windows 10 so anything after 2008 that will work. Mostly 2D so the basics would suffice. Thanks
  8. Hi, I have VW 2008 for a PC complete with dongle. It can be for sale subject to me obtaining a version of Vectorworks that is compatible with Windows 10. Thanks Dan
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