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  1. I am making my first drawing in 2020 and discovering a weird issue (weird for me, anyway). I make a viewport by drawing a rectangle snapped to the edges of my object, as usual. When I go to the sheet layer, the bottom and right side of the object is missing. No matter how I rotate the viewport, it's always the bottom and right side in its current orientation; so, if my object is oriented so that the bottom and side of the object is missing, then I rotate the viewport, now it's the side and top of the object missing, because those sides of the object are now on the bottom and right of the viewport. If I expand the crop the edges show up, but of course so does anything else that I didn't want to include in the crop. To make matters stranger the missing lines appear if I export the sheet to PDF. I have not tried plotting yet to see if they show up on the plotter, but I assume they will, since they do on the PDF. Not having them on the screen is frustrating, though. I have tried restarting the program, and running the updater to no avail. Any ideas WTF is going on?


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