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  1. Hi Michael - so sorry I didn't get back to you! Thank for getting back to me though. I got distracted, then totally forgot - sorry. I I happened to be going on a course to learn Twinmotion - and the guy running the course showed me what I was doing wrong, (to do with sheet plane and layer plane). The reason I noticed that I'd forgot is because I went back onto the forum just now to see if there is a way to detail the Glasing bars in the windows... I'm working on a few buildings that are meant to be from the C18th and they look weird with the boxey glasing bars and frames and keep having to build the windows from scratch. Yours apologetically, Moley
  2. Thanks Michael, I've attached a few screen shots to show what the problem is - changing the smoothing angle don't seem to help unfortunately. Moley
  3. Hi, When I create a sweep it looks fine in open GL, fast renderworks, artistic render works etc but in hidden line, wire frame or sketch it reverts to the polygon/shape it was made from. So I can't see the drawing properly as a view point and it's really difficult to work with in the design layer. It didn't use to do this so I wonder if I've changed a setting by mistake...which one though I haven't a clue! Please help, Moley PS I'm using VW2019


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