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  1. Katie, Well, this is interesting. Last night I installed Gimp Print and Ghost Writer on the machine directly connected to the printer and my machine which shares the printer over the network. I attempted to follow directions to add our printer under the advanced tab in Print Center. I would get it all set up and then close the window and go back in to double check and none of the information would stick, in other words, the set up was blank. I also did not understand how to set up my computer since it was not directly connected. I gave up. Until this morning, when I got your message. I checked the print area and it was still 17.21x11.5 under a Tabloid Extra setting under "Any Printer" in the page set up. Just for the hell of it, I switched the setting from Any Printer to our Epson 1270 and there were several different and new standard paper sizes to choose from. So I select 12x18, which comes out to be 17.88x12 actual print area. I try to print and everything comes out fine. I don't know how I got this to work. The Print Center on the computer that is directly connected to the printer shows the Epson 1270 under the tab marked Epson USB. But on my machine every tab is blank, yet the Epson 1270 magically is appearing as the printer in the print center. Is that magic just Printer Sharing over the network. I will test this more through out the day. I guess I would like to know if any of this makes sense. Even though it printed correctly, I'm not sure that it all makes sense. Thanks for your time. Jon Kirk
  2. Katie, Thank you for responding. The width is 17.21" and the height is 11.5" because of the default margins. I do not think that this model is capable of full bleed. Respectfully, Jon Kirk
  3. I have searched the Tech Board and not found anything that solves what I am about to describe. We have four Macs in the office: PowerPC G4 (AGP Graphics) iMac (snow) iMac (graphite) eMac (5 mos. old) All machines are running OSX.2.6 Our printer is an Epson Stylus Photo 1270 with the OSX 1.1 driver. It is directly connected via USB to one machine and everyone else uses it over the network through printer sharing. Until today we were using VW8.5.2 opereating in the classic environment and had absolutly no problems printing. I installed VW9.0.1 still operating in the classic environment and was still able to print with no problems. When I upgaded to VW9.5.3 operating OSX and attempted to print, the actual print was only one corner of the the print area that I had selected. My page set up was a custom 12x18 sheet and was printing at 100%. Just in case you are wondering, I am positve that the print area was set to "one page." Here's the catch; the print preview shows me exactly what I want to be printed. I also tried exporting a PDF and the PDF also shows me what I want, but both the preview and the PDF only give me a corner of the selected print area on the screen. I have tried using using the Epson Stylus 1280 1.5 driver and I get the same thing. I started to try Gimp Print but it did not seem to be compatible with the print center. I have tried all of these things on different computers and the same result occurs every time. What have I not covered? What is the next step? Jon Kirk


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