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  1. Thanks so much for the awesome reply! I am using the export tool not the publish tool. I will work on these answers you have provided, and see if anything works. when the export to dwg file turns to pdf, I try and open it and it says it is corrupted. maybe it is actually a dwg! I will let you know what happens-
  2. My computer promts me on the file type when I go to save it and it clearly says DWG. then I hit save and it converts automaticly to a pdf
  3. thanks so much for your answer- yes I do get the dialogue box when exporting. I definitely need more help, I don't have custom workspace as far as I know, but I am working in designer 2020 right now. I'm going to try the ideas you had responded with. I don't know how to build a custom workspace.
  4. you can try something meanwhile- the free trial, which is not a student trial. You can find the free trial sign up online. Also- if you contact vectorworks try giving them a call, they extended my free trial 3 times for almost 2 months.
  5. When I export a vwx to dwg, it automatically converts to a pdf on my computer. The file extension when saving the conversion is DWG then I hit save and it creates a PDF. Very frustrating, its a frequent function needed at my job and Im desperate for a solution
  6. I want to offset a line to a specific distance -say 4'6 how can I do this I'm working on a pc windows


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