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  1. I have a design layer in a file that appears not to be saving as a Viewport to its designated sheet layer? All the other design layers in the same file have to date been saved as Viewports to Sheet layers but this particular one appears not to do this. I have checked visibility of layers and classes in the OIP. Could this particular design layer have been corrupted, or have I inadvertently done something to make the viewport invisible ? Any suggestions welcome.
  2. VW (architect 2020) is constantly freezing/crashing when adjusting the witness line offset in the chain dimensions mode, whether on the Design layer or setting out dimensions in Sheet layer annotations. Loosing a lot of time with this issue. Is anyone else experiencing this bug?
  3. I am using Vectorworks Architect 2020. This has frozen three times in one day while adjusting the witness line offset in the chain dimensions mode. This has occurred both in the Viewport sheet layer, and on the design layer. Very frustrating as I have a deadline to complete. Any suggestions welcome please
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    Thanks Wes, but I decided against using this hatch detail on the current plan. I see that there is a general waterproofing line option in the attributes palette that I will try using on an exploded detail view later. However, can you recommend by any chance, a particular wall style or hatch to represent a dry mounted hollow core concrete wall that will serve to protect a waterproofed/asphalt covered rear supporting wall of a house on a sloped site? Its purpose is to act as a barrier against layers of rock and stone that will be used as an infil behind the first story of the house. Jeremy
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    Is there a hatch for Delta MS waterproofing among the Vectorworks resources library ?
  6. I've hit a roadblock trying to create a split level in a 3D model of a two story house. An 18cm change in level needs to be included in the 1st story, but at creation I left the floor slab as a continuous level. I wish to edit and introduce the split level into the slab. Should a change in level be represented with a separate Story, Foundation and Floor Slab, or can this be represented within a single story? I've tried dividing the floor slab and representing the raised part with a different Story and slab including dimensions, but without success. Is there any specific workflow protocol for this, or is there a more straightforward way to approach making the model which I am overlooking. I am experiencing a similar frustration (in the 3D model) with knowing how to create and join a long slab, with a change in level, that joins two sets of steps that run on the exterior of a building from the upper to the garden level. One video I watched approached making simple stairs in the Spotlight workspace, but I'm unable to find this in VWx Architect 2020. I'm also unable to customise the steps, slab and staircase into a single object with the Stair tool in the Architect Workspace where I find the parameters of the tool are too constrained, unless I am missing something? Any suggestions would be very welcome.
  7. Thank you for that. Very helpful suggestions. I think unrealised conditions/far out objects and conflicts with other objects could have been responsible. The condition has reappeared since fixing but has again been resolved. The conditions interestingly didn't reoccur in a new document.
  8. I don't know what I have done but each time I try to use the polyline, polygon, line, and rectangle tools to create an object, I get at the end of the command a second outline in soft orange. This disappears after clicking the mouse and the line or outline I have drawn relocates inwards (say 3 cms), and resizes the shape of the object to a smaller size than I intended. Changing modes in the tool palette doesn't make any difference to the result. Is there something else that I am missing?
  9. Is there a keyboard command or path for creating a guide that serves as a ruler or grid which I can use to line up wall intersections without recourse to the measuring tool to define the parameters of where to stop or begin a wall or an opening before drawing it with the Wall tool?
  10. Villa No.2.vwx You'll see to the far right of the plan that I have sent, where I have deleted a part of the 200mm wall and redrawn it after editing the wall attributes to make the line thicker. However the line weight doesn't save, so when I come back to use this Wall type the line attributes have returned to their thinner weight. I have attached the file... Villa No.2.vwx
  11. The Line weight of a Bearing Wall I that I have been using keeps reverting back to 0.5 after I change it to 0.35, and save the new setting. I tried using the 'Making all attributes by class' option which makes no difference and the Classe attributes confirms a specified line weight of 0.35 in the Organisation window. Any advice welcome.
  12. Thank you for that Wes. Very helpful.
  13. Thank you for this. It fits precisely with what I've been experiencing when moving walls. Some components don't join easily, and it is often easier to delete the wall with its heal lines under the surface of existing junctions and right angles and start again. However, this can be more time consuming than it should.
  14. Yes, with more practice I notice the native intelligence of the wall tool is highly developed and more forgiving. Thank you for the Tip regarding changing a project file back to a regular VWX file.
  15. Thank you Pat. That is really helpful info. I briefly tried the wall breaks tool to heal 2D lines from one wall crossing into another, but without any result. I’m not sure why, but I have another problem at present. I've inadvertently made the file I am working on into a 'Master project file' and need to undo this status as I'm not collaborating with anyone and I'm getting a dialogue box popping up each time I do something saying “This operation will require the following objects to be checked out…” In answer to what you ask, I have been trying to get the walls correct by just using the wall tool which is fine most of the time until I want to edit a wall, or partition, and insert a break (such as an opening in the wall with a raised threshold). A break line in the wrong place suggests a join or change in the height of the wall where I don't want it instead of where I do. Complicated to explain, but I see if I can sort it before coming back to you. In the meantime I'd appreciate if you could save me time trying to undo having made my file into a 'Master project file'. Thanks in advance.
  16. I am wondering if there a particular method for using the wall tool in order to achieve seamless joins? Am I alone in finding the execution of seamless T junctions and right angles frustratingly tricky after editing or moving a wall configuration. It is sometimes simpler to delete the whole wall or the network of partition junctions and start again in order to achieve a seamless connection at the point where the walls intersect. This can be an onerous task sometimes taking several attempts before resulting in clean joins. When all attempts fail, I resort to using the 2D polygon tool to clean up. Perhaps I am not fully understanding the left and right control modes when using this tool, and am doing something counter-intuitive Is there a keyboard shortcut for changing between these modes? Any help, or tips, would be much appreciated, thanks.
  17. I am a beginner working with VW Architect 2020. At present the dimension tool enables me to see the measurement between two points, but no longer provides the attached window box with the dimension inside it after clicking the mouse. Instead, only the dimension lines are visible on the drawing. I don't know if I have unwittingly done something to change the settings or if the tool has a bug. I hope this is clear. I'd very much appreciate help me with this ?
  18. I have just imported a Duravit sink and would like to know how to scale it to the plan I am working on. Grateful for any advice Thank you Jeremy
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