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  1. Wow, I never would have guess that in a million years. Thank you both for the response.
  2. Hey, I'm trying to layout some pieces of half-round molding around a pill shaped credenza. However, when I try to use Duplicate Along path to lay out my 2D shapes, this is what happens. Alex
  3. Thanks for all the responses. My 2D conversion resolution was actually set at High, so I'm not sure what happened there. What do you mean by this? "If curves are used, be sure to use arc based segments." Or this? "Decompose polygons having for example holes etc inside using Clip Surface." I guess by the latter you mean if I was making a top for my desk that looked like Swiss cheese using "Clip Surface" to cut out my Swiss Cheese holes, I should Modify>Decompose that resultant shape before export?
  4. Everything seems to be working now! I changed a few things about my workflow, let me know if any of this seems extraneous. Here's my workflow: Convert to Polygons Render to Final Quality Renderworks Export with the settings in the image below. I added the Final Quality Renderworks step because one of my earlier tests turned a curve into a chunky hexagon when it came time to cut this shape out of 3/4 plywood. I'm not sure what happened there, but I thought maybe it was because I exported from a layer that was rendered in Wireframe mode?
  5. Hey, I'm breaking down a desk I designed in Vectorworks so the components can be cut on my shop's CNC machine. I work on a Mac and our tool path software, Aspire, is on a PC. This is my workflow: design in 3D in Vectorworks > break apart the 3D the model into components to be cut on the CNC > lay the components flat in a design layer > export the layer to a DXF on a share Dropbox > open in Aspire to make the tool path. When we try to open the file in Aspire though, we see nothing. The DXF will load in Adobe Illustrator, but with artifacts like weird lines running through the shapes that need to be deleted. The components also shrink in size when I do this. Any thoughts for making this process easier? Alex
  6. Sorry, I tried to Google this but have no idea what to call this bubble thing. I want to be able to enter a distance and fix the axis the object moves on. However, when I set the distance and hold Shift, I get this bubble, then I click where I want it to go, and it doesn't move.
  7. That is exactly what I needed to do, thank you!
  8. Thanks for responding! I'm using Hidden Line, the scale was set to 1:48. I upped it to 1:12 and that seems to work better. 1:1 turned the dimension call out into a simple box, it lost the slash and arrows. I tried to adjust it in the Document Preferences>Dimension tab but couldn't figure it out. I didn't like pulling dimensions in the viewport because you need to blow everything up to 1:1 to get an accurate dimension, which makes it harder to layout the viewports on the page I'm ultimately printing this stuff to.
  9. Hey all, I'm breaking down some parts for a chest of drawers in Hidden Line mode. There's some kind of invisible box around my dimension callouts that obscures objects and other dimensions in the drawing. Is there a way to fix this?
  10. I've been trying to get the glow texture this to work and am not having any luck. This window is what I want to use as a light source: And these are the texture settings I'm using: Even when I do a final render, the window just stays orange and emits no light.
  11. Thanks for the response! I figured out how to do it after posting that. I had done Add Solids on the bolt, the trick was to separate that assembly and do Subtract Solids piece by piece - first the helix, then the shaft of the bolt. I made some other adjustments to the bolt and flange after that and ran into that error message again. The solution was usually to make sure I did things in the right order. The more I adjusted the piece, the more bugs it seemed to introduce, so I tried to do the complicated adjustments first.
  12. I'm having trouble making a custom bolt and flange assembly. I made the bolt threads using Model>3D Power Pack>Create Helix Spiral, then put a cylinder in the center of that. Now I'm making the flange and I was hoping to just use Model>Subtract Solids to make threads in the flange that match the threads in the bolt. However, I keep getting this error message:
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