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  1. Off course I mean the radius of an arc object...
  2. Hello Raymond, 695 works ok! The confusion is style vs type... I am building a way to select items in a drawing, export these to a text file and reproduce the drawing from the text file. The text is stored in a database and I can be selected from the database to add to a drawing, to add details to the main drawing. Creating an arc can be done 2 different ways but I think center and radius is the easiest. Does anyone have a solution to get the radius of a drawing. I must be again missing something, but I can't find a objectvar or procedure to get it...
  3. Thank you Joshua, strange I didn't see that before... I have another question for the creation of a polygon and or polyline: with getObjectVariableInt (h, 696) I get the fill type of the polygon. If I want to set the type with setObjectVariableInt (h1, 696, str2num(s)) where s is "2" for a solid color I get an error that constant 696 is not supported for the handle. h1 points to a kpolylinenode. Can someone please help me with how to set the fill type?
  4. Hello forum, I have a polyline object with another polyline cut out of it. If I traverse the poly in vectorscript with vertexNum and GetPolylineVertex I only get the surrounding points, not the one that make the cut out part. How do I get to this part of the polyline? Thanks!
  5. Thanks Pat for your answer. The value of Dimension Type is always 0, constrained. I need to know if it is horizontal or vertical constrained. What I did is look at the dimension text and the delta X and Y. That way I can determine if it is horizontal or vertical (most of the time).
  6. Hello Vectworkscript profesionals, I'm trying to write an import and export system do export selected objects in a drawing to a text file and vise versa. For importng a linearDim, I need the dimType, but can't find a way to determine this from a dimension object in the source document. Thanks in advance for any help. Erik Hagemeijer.


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