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  1. These are 3D objects of LED screens w/truss. You are correct that they don't have fill color. Here is a closer look: https://imgur.com/a/l1Qolrw
  2. Hi, I've opened a .vwx file in VW 2018 that was converted down from VW 2019. I have an active layer selected and visibility turned on for all items in that layer and those items are selected, but when I attempt to export any items (even on any layers), nothing appears in my Cinema 4D workspace when I open the exported .c4d file. I've tried the two different ways of exporting/sending from File menu, as well as exporting as FBX. The most I can get to ever import is a null in 4D w/default lights and a camera, but there is still nothing I can interact with in 4D. Screenshots of both software workspaces included: link: https://imgur.com/a/cTtHhHN. Thanks in advance!
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