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  1. i dont have any VW programmes, I am not a reseller. Sorry I can't help I do not trade in VW of any kind.
  2. I am experienced in VW2008 in 2D. I now have VW2016 Designer, and would like a one-to-one tutorial on creating 3d model from a survey of an old building. North London off Holloway Road. Happy to pay reasonable tuition fee. thank you
  3. Thanks, i am very interested. I am out and about on Monday, so please could Mr Grout telephone me on 07932 055 955? many thanks jonathan
  4. I am intersted in immediate purchase of either VW2019 Architect or VW2016 Designer, if these are still available? Thank you
  5. Dos anyone have an old Vectorworks 2008 licence and software for sale? Thanks 07932 044955
  6. Does anyone still have. VW2016 for sale? Thanks Jonathan
  7. I too am interested in a single VW2016 licence, assuming it will function on Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan). Jonathan 07932 044 955 jonpennington@btinternet.com
  8. I would also like to buy an old version of Vectorworks - even VW 2008 would be excellent. It would have to work on MacOS10.14 or on Mac OS 10.8.6 Thanks Jonathan
  9. I have used VW 2008 on my iMac Mac OS 10.6.8 since retiring 10years ago. However, I had to scrub and reload MacOS; once done, I reloaded VW 2008 from my d program disc; it loads OK, but when I enter my user licence, it tells me it is invalid. Can anyone help? I am prepared to buy an old VW 2008 licence. Thanks
  10. I have VW 2008 on CD which I had to reload due to problems with my Mac OS10.6.8. However, once loaded, VW does not recognise my User licence number. It worked before. Can you help? Thank you
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