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  1. I see this is an old topic with no resolution, but I too have this problem: VW 2020, OpenGL set as default 3D view, toolbar option checked, etc.... never shows a 3D render unless I manually initiate it (always wireframe when switching to any view other than Top/Plan). Have seen a dozen threads on this, but no definitive answer, except those that fiddled with it, and it eventually "stuck." I have NEVER gotten this to work, but then most all my files are from previous versions of VW, and don't have the time to re-create all my venues just to test this bug....
  2. Seems it was a known issue that attempting to save in VW 2020 on a Mac (Big Sur) would result in a crash, but was fixed in SP5. Mine seems to be on SP3, but all attempts to check for updates says my VW is up-to-date. Is there a way to 'force' this thing to acknowledge the update? I can't find a manual download-able file.... Thanks for any insight! - Jon
  3. So I've read posts from many years/versions ago about this same problem, but "rasterize text" doesn't solve it. I am using Arial (system font) - Windows machines... Dimension text "prints" to PDF just fine.... title block text (again, Arial) prints fine... Changing fonts makes no difference.... I've tried "exporting" to PDF, as well as "printing" to PDF, same thing. No text, unless it's a dimension, or within some inserted thing, like a title block, or drawing label tool. Callout tool does not print text, just the line. All text is on the "None" class, as is just about everything else in the drawing (except dimension text). Ideas? I'm out of hair to pull out.... EDIT: I see that this happens when I try to export/print SHEET layers, if that's a clue. I've selected the viewport, looked at the properties, and clicked on "Advanced Properties..." and clicking the Preview button makes the text go away. Fiddling with all the options in the "Advanced Properties" doesn't make the text come back.... (Text can print, if I print the Design layer, just not Sheet Layers.) - Jon
  4. Thanks! No "craked" version here, but your hint helped! I already had "single object interactive scaling mode" active, but deactivating it, and re-activating it brought it to life. I've seen all sorts of odd things happening with this plot, probably because it was originally a version 12.5 drawing. But it's fixed now, and I appreciate the suggestion! - Jon
  5. Howdy... I've been searching the forums, and other resources, and cannot find a solution... currently on VW 2020, and when I add a lighting position object (pipes) the name of the position is parked in the dead center of the object, and I cannot move it (plan view). Naturally, this is where I want to place lights. In ye olden days, I had the lighting positions at the ENDs of the pipes, not in the middle, but I can't seem to move them anymore. How is this done now? I'm new to the later versions of VW Spotlight. TIA.... - Jon
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