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  1. Hello guys I am sorry I did not get back to you - it did work, many many thanks for your help!
  2. Hi guys, I have tried the above solution and it has not done anything (I already played around with that one the other day when the problem started) I am probably not explaining it very well. I have attached a screenshot but it is hard to describe the problem when I don't precisely know why the problem has started in the first place. So in the screenshot below, I have tried to point out that the way I use Vectorworks to draw is by doing the following steps: 1. By selecting the line tool/2D Poloygon/Whatever drawing tool I need to use. 2. Clicking on the work area 3. At which point I will TYPE in my dimensions 3a. This will appear underneath the line 4. And then hit ENTER which will finish my line, and so forth I will move onto the next line. The problem is that stage three seems to have at one point over the last few days, stopped working so I can no longer enter my dimensions to draw a line. I can draw a line completely now I have no way of inputting the dimensions unless I change it after I draw it. Basically the whole point I have Vectorworks is because it is by far the most easiest and simplest CAD software to use, and part of that is the ease of drawing in scale by inputting information... which seems to have stopped working.
  3. Hello, it was option 1. I am used to clicking the mouse when I am drawing a line or a dimension, and then I type the dimension in and this completes the line for me, and then I do it again and so forth. I don't normally use any other keys other than enter to input the dimension. Sorry for late reply - in UK.
  4. Thank you for the swift reply but I am still confused - what setting am I specifically looking for in the data bar as its all rather wordy and I'm unsure what setting to click!
  5. Hello all. I have been using Vectorworks Fundamentals to do my TV set drawings. To make my drawings I have been used to clicking with the line tool, and typing in my dimension to make the length lines but today for some reason it has stopped working. When I type in my dimensions usually it would appear in a temporary bar underneath where I've clicked but now that does not show up. One moment it was working and then it was not, which as you can imagine is rather frustrating and I cannot seem to find a way to get this ability back. Also to add is there any way to float all the tool bars into one bar so they are not all floating indivdually? I have two screens at work, dual display with my laptop and sometimes need to move one program from the big screen to the other and the tool bars get lost and shrunk down so I have to keep unplugging the screen and replugging it back in. I am currently at work a bit stuck so if anyone can help me resolve this quickly, I would be very grateful!


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