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  1. I'm attempting to export an image of my file. When I do so, be it as a TIFF, PSD or whatever, the result comes out cropped. It's a large white canvas that has my image running off the page in one corner. I can't even find any logic behind where it's cropping or the size that it leaves on the page, but it is consistent. Any suggestions woudl be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Carbon Lib is 1.6. When I use PS 8.8.0 i get the lines or boxes. If I use Laserwriter 8.7.1, I don' t get the lines, but the color is horrible, so bascially nothing works quite right.
  3. I am running VW 9.5.2 on Mac OS 9.2. Whenever I print to our Phaser 780 I get either a line or a box (usually a bright green one) in the same place in the upper left corner of the print out. I don't know what else to try, so if anyone has any ideas it would be a huge help. Thanks.
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