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  1. Thank you Katie. Does this also hold true for exporting files to Vectorworks 9 and 10? I think I can probably answer my own question here...... thanks!
  2. By OTHER I mean - not Autocad. I am trying to export a drawing for someone using Drawbase and cannot get my saved sheets (and viewports) to export. All my annotations are lost and the only thing that exports are my working layers. In Autocad you can "flatten" or "bond" your drawings so that no information is lost. Is there anyway to do this in Vectorworks 11?? much appreciated...
  3. I also agree that importing saved sheets would be a time-saving feature..... Right now it is not possible. Any word out there from Nemetschek?
  4. As a 6 year user of your program, I love it and would consider using nothing else. However: It would be AWESOME to be able to "clip' a portion of a drawing and use it as a workgroup reference in another file. (Microstation has this feature) Add the ability to rotate and scale this reference and Vectorworks would be twice as powerful. Thanks for the consideration. -B p.s. I have used masking but its just messy and much more info than I really need.....besides I still can't rotate it without it going to the same position upon updating.


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