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  1. Tomas

    Get PIO information

    Nevermind, I got the wrong handle in the function RField = vs.GetRField(hpio, recname, fld) Thank you for the support!
  2. Tomas

    Get PIO information

    Thanks for the suggestions 🙂 . I noticed that in my example the type of the field was incorrect, it is actually just a text (not editable tho). But now that I have the data field name I need its value. Like in my exemple, save the text "T.0025.02" into a variable. I tried the code below but it returns me 0 rather then the text. Can someone help me save the inputs in variables? hpio = vs.FSActLayer() hrecdef = vs.GetParametricRecord(hpio) recname = vs.GetName(hrecdef) # Name of PIO in InfoPalette hrec = vs.GetObject(recname) fld = vs.GetFldName(hrec, 😎 RField = vs.GetRField(hrec, recname, fld) vs.AlrtDialog(RField)
  3. Tomas

    Get PIO information

    Hello, I'm new to the Vectorworks scripts world, so some of terms that I use may be incorrect, or this problem has already been explained in other topics (if that is the case, I couldn't find sorry 😓) My problem is: I have a PIO that I want to retrieve its widgets information. This PIO was created by the company I work at, so I don't have any access to its code or information about it besides what is shown in the UI. For example, one of the widgets is called "Address" that has a static text "T.0025.02". I need to save this static text into a variable to use it later on my code. As far as I understood, I need to use the function GetCustomObjectInfo(), but I couldn't understand how it works.


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