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  1. Hi ASagatovVW Thank you for assisting me. Please find attached (test.vwx). To answer your question: the textures are visible whilst the OpenGL is rendering, but once it stops-the result is the screenshots previously attached. As another test, I actually imported a drawing from a previous version and it came in perfectly fine. Unfortunately after I worked on the drawing and then updated the viewport. fig.1 original file from previous version. fig.2 "update" button clicked. fig.3 whilst updating. fig.4 whilst updating. fig.5 the final result. test.vwx
  2. Hi there, been browsing these forums for 2 days... Have been a user of VWX for +10 years, recently got 2019 and am trying to set it up to work on. I have no idea why the textures aren't showing up* in the renders (both preview and viewport updates). *the red solid colour shows up, but not the timber texture-it's currently rendered grey. I've replicated the document settings and preferences but nothing seems to help. fig.1. model space - red texture + timber texture applied, open GL render. fig.2. textures in resource window. fig.3. create viewport settings. fig.4. viewport on sheet layer updated. fig.5. top/plan view.


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