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  1. Hi, Think the problem is printer related. The HP420 has either a black or a color ink cartridge. I'm currently using the black one. The printer does not realy support grayscale in this way, thus colors are basicaly rasterized and printed with dot patterns. So I think the same happens with lines in VW, since different color lines give different dash-patterned lines. I think the problem might be solved using a color cartridge, as such grayscale should be supported by the printer. Anyhow I found a workaround for the black cartridge, by setting the Document preferences - Display to black-and-white, just temporary for printing. This will print all the lines in a proper solid mode... So I think this will do it for the moment.... Thanx
  2. I'm using Vectorworks 10 on Windows XP and a HP Deskjet 420. I use color lines to indicate line thickness, but every line except black lines are printed dashed instead of solid. Tried changing print resolutions and modes, but no success. Any ideas?


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