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  1. James, I am not sure what you mean by "with 2021's new excel import/export feature". Is it Excel that has this, or is it VW that has improved its excel import/export functionality?
  2. Thanks drelARCH. Unfortunately I am on a Mac as well, although an employee is using VW on a windows machine. We might give it a try. But don't hold your breath. We have a project that army work.
  3. Yes, maybe. One would think that PH being a German system, and Nemetschek being German as well, and PH being used now all over the world, including the US and Canada, and really taking off in China, that Nemetschek would integrate the two, especially since the data must be close since Energos is supposedly based on PH. It could be time to change!!!
  4. I strongly second that request to create an Energos to PHPP pathway. Would really streamline the process. All the information is in the file, but left to transferring al the information by hand, or rebuilding the project in Sketchup so it can be more smoothly transferred.


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