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  1. Hi there, Has anyone experienced some dimensional discrepancies with polylines when exporting to DWG? For example, creating a closed polyline with some beziers/etc in VW might yield an area of 9617.394 and a perimeter of 350.1992 in VW, whereas in ACAD it shows up as 9618.333 and 350.2113 respectively. Does anyone here know how (or if) one can improve the import/export accuracy of these objects? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi there, We've been having a few problems here trying to create a site model from contour lines. The rough process we're using is as follows: The contours start out as a DWG file File imported into VW Landmark 9.5.3 (OS X 10.2.5) using both "2D/3D objects" and "3D objects only" options. All objects are ungrouped 3d Polygons, with appropriate Z-information, and are on the same layer. Using the "Filter 3D Polygons" function, we try to clean up the polygons as much as possible. Check 3D Polygons for intersections, etc., and fix them. Try to create site model using the "Site Model" function. Now, this is where things usually get interesting. A few different things tend to happen. First, there's the message that there aren't any DTMs and so the operation is quitting. If we repaste the polygons into a new file, then that problem usually gets solved. If we get the program to begin generating the site, it usually either freezes, or quits with a number of error messages, the most prevalent being "Could not find NNA_DTM_HIDDEN_RECORD". Can anyone think of what's going on with this file/function? Thanks.


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