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  1. @Michal Zarzecki, This what I wrote back to Tamsin on June 14, 2019: "In the hypothetical scenario where 2D plants could be displayed having the versatility to move the plants within the landscape area would be preferred. But simply having 2D plants displayed without the capability of moving them would still be very helpful." She replied on June 14, 2019: "Thanks. I'll pass this back to the team." We show individual plant objects at Design Development and unless I can control the placement of the plants within that landscape area, the tool is useless beyond Schematic Design. Maybe if enough users pressure them for this feature we could see it in 2020? I hope this helps.
  2. All, For your information I wrote Tamsin Slatter directly about this issue and sent a link to user BCD's original post. This was her reply: "Thanks for your message. I was discussing this very topic with the developers at HQ just yesterday, so your question is timely. It's not possible to display the individual plants within the landscape area I'm afraid. The only way to show 2D plants is to use the Plant tool, but, of course, that doesn't give you the mix. We did discuss the possibility of including this in a future release (no promises at this stage). One question that then popped up though... if you COULD see the 2D plants, would that then lead to you wanting to be able to move them around within the Landscape Area? Or would you be content with the placement that the tool gives you? Regarding the placement of the tags, I have recently filed this as a bug/enhancement request. It is being worked on, but again, I'm afraid I can't give any timescale on that. I hope that helps."
  3. I am also trying to display 2D plant symbols in the landscape area and would expect this to be a default option. VW, please make this possible.
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