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  1. I second (third? fourth?) the reference suggestion.  My gig has base looks per stage with frequent redresses or swing sets, and the referencing is working nicely for us so far.


    It's also easier/safer to manage imports from other departments' CAD (Rhino and AutoCAD, mostly); we're keen to keep those updates somewhat airgapped from our lighting work. If you're getting stuff from clients/tours, you might want to give referencing a try if only for that.

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  2. Hi all,


    Where do I set the defaults for my hang position "name" tags, please? 


    Edit: Ok I've managed to get the text to conform to the class, but I'd like to be able to have labels default to different graphics attributes than the elements of the hang positions with which they're associated.  Is there a way to do this?



  3. Useful things I've found while stumbling my way through numbering things:


    • Set it to manual, and you don't have to have your fixtures highlighted and selected in the right order in advance.
    • While manually numbering, you can tab through and modify fields for the next click, the same way you would while drawing.
    • You can use the prefix to input addresses in GrandMA friendly format (eg: prefix is [universe.] then the address increments)
    • Same prefixing can help with multi-instance fixtures.

    Maybe some of that comes in handy for you?

  4. Is there a way to show the file path within the resource manager when you click on a resource, please?




    EDIT: I know you can right click on a resource and "select resource location", but it's often an extra step to navigate around extra clicks.  Why does the file path not show at the top of the resource manager window in a search result field the way it does in any other field?

  5. ** EDIT ** Figured it out.  Can't seem to figure out how to delete this post, however.


    Hi all,


    My references are working nicely - I reference the layers I want, and they show up with their classes in tow.


    BUT! I can't seem to snap to objects on those referenced layers without activating them. I do have "Show/Snap/Modify Others" set for both classes and layers.


    What have I done wrong, please?



  6. Thanks Jesse and Tom.


    I had managed to figure out what you outlined above, Jesse.  Tom has articulated my problem exactly.


    Tom: I've actually updated our template/reference files to include this.  We've got an insertable symbol with all our fixtures (so our classes survive purges with less clicking), and I've added the 3d Legend View settings for copy/pasting as you suggested.  It would still be nice to be able to associate it with a symbol, so I'm off to feature requests.


    Thanks again!

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  7. Hi Sam,


    So I was overly optimistic.  When I switched the length to a "middle label" instead of a "connection", the blue control square appeared, but I was not able to move it independently.


    Attached are screenshots of an example, and the cable tool defaults at its creation.  I'm hoping I've made some glaring error that is easy to fix...






  8. Thanks so much, Sam.


    Turns out the length label I couldn't move was a "connection" - ie: it disappeared when I unchecked "display connections".  I turned on "display length" instead, and was able to move that label as you describe.


    I'm still working on the silly circles, and I'll update if I figure it out. For now the class attribute change does the trick for the arrows.


    Appreciate your help.





  9. Hi everyone,


    Three wee cabling questions:


    How do I adjust the positions of labels (eg: length) on cables?  This is per instance, obviously. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to move the label without moving the whole cable.


    I've just laid in several cat5 control cables.  Why do some have circles at one end, and other have arrows at both ends?  I can't see any differences between the properties of the cables in the object info window.


    How do I adjust the size/shape of these handy end shapes?  When I get into directional signal cables, I foresee those circles' being a giant pain.


    Thank you!



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