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  1. I think i found the reason why @Antonio Landberger got it working and I couldn't. Everytime I try to import the marionette symbol I imported the referenced symbols first. When I don't do this, everything works fine. If you want to reproduce the bug I'm experiencing. First import Scaff large silver part + Scaff small silver part + Scaff small black part. Import the marionette symbol afterwards. Thanks Antonio and Jesse for diving into this issue!
  2. That's strange.. I tested it in our template file and a blank file and got the same results.
  3. I got the same result on 2 different machines with the latest Vector works servicepacks. Dropping it on the design layer of the same file works fine. But importing it on another document and dropping in into a design layer of that document with the same scaling causes all nodes to disconnect.
  4. Here's a file with only the red symbols. Scaff only.vwx
  5. Hi Antonio, thanks for your reply! I've recreated my marionette network in a blank document on a design layer with the scale 1:50. I made it into a plug-in object symbol. Opened another blank document with a design layer of the same scaling and I got the same result as I described in my previous posts. The marionette network I made and tested in the first file, does not seem to work in the second file. When I try to edit the marionette network in the file I imported the symbol into all connection lines apear as normal. When I move one node, all nodes get disconnected. So I've tried everything from scratch with the same scaling and got the same issue.
  6. I've made a screen capture of the issue I'm experiencing: https://youtu.be/W1ceB8eU8CI
  7. Hi M.Graf, Thanks for your quick reply! Setting both documents to the same scale does not seem to solve the problem. I checked both documents settings units and design layer scaling.
  8. Hi everyone, I've made a few marionette symbols ( Create Object Node -> Create Plug-In symbol and it appears as a symbol with a red name). Everything works fine if I stay within the same .VWX file. If I want to import the symbol into another file all the connections between marionette nodes will dissapear. The only way to fix this is to redraw every single connection. The same problem exists even with marionette networks wich are not referencing other symbols. This bug makes the marionette tool worthless when you're working with library .VWX files. Does anyone know of a workaround, or is this a known issue? Thanks in advance.
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