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  1. Is there a database of bare bone venue drawings in any format (.vwx, dwg, etc)? Looking for something like the Chicago theater to build a pre viz suite with. I've done a few festival builds using the pre built SAM stages but would love to build a few rigs to match different venue sizes.
  2. thanks! It was due to the direction of the master lighting source. All of this information is still very useful, thank you.
  3. This is very useful. However, when I go this route, I never get the color I want. All colors appear to have black in them, the white color looks grey, a bright yellow looks dusty gold, etc etc. Any thoughts on what I might be missing?
  4. Hey VW Community, I'm looking to purchase a VW Spotlight license, preferably 2017 or later. However, I am open to all offers!
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